Learning to Think


I have telecommuted for the last nine months and done freelance work from home for much longer than that. I have a nice work space set up that is segregated from the rest of the house. I am able to focus fairly effectively on the work at hand without getting too distracted by things at the homestead. My work area has a reasonably sized L-shaped desk, two laptops and a large LCD, a large white-board, a large cork-board, and four two-drawer file cabinets arranged as another work surface. There is a couch for casual thinking and an aquarium for some color. The lighting leaves a bit to be desired, but it is a quiet and effect place to work.

Currently, my work area is covered with books, gadgets, toys, index cards, water bottles, guitar parts, and whatever random things I collect over time. This all really needs to go away. I need to be more organized. I need more space to doodle. I need to be able to file things effectively. I need room for a printer.

My electronic life needs a good scrub down as well. I’ve been eliminating as much extraneous information as possible lately, but I still have RSS feeds, multiple email accounts, social media, and numerous websites to monitor and maintain. It can be a bit distracting, if not outright overwhelming.

Here is my plan:

  • Set up a full GTD/43 Folders system
  • Purge office area
  • Purge all information sources
  • Perform a full GTD collection process
  • Make Inbox:0 a goal

Hopefully, doing these things will set me up for staying highly organized and productive. I’ll have to consider what issues may come up as I work out of the office, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I’ve been trying to read more about entrepreneurship. I reestablished some social bookmarking tools to help me keep track of everything I’m reading so I can come back to it as needed. I will be sharing more of what I am reading later.