Learning to Think

Creating Goals

I spent a significant amount of time today trying to figure out what I want to do with myself. I have come up with an initial set of goals, but I’m still not quite happy with how they sit. There are really three things that I would like to drive for at this point in time:

  • Get out of debt
  • Be independent
  • Save cash for later

I have more specific definitions of what these things mean, but they are not important here.

I’ve also been working on filling out a Tim Ferriss style “Dreamline” that I can refer to as I meet my current goals. Dreamlining allows you to define your dreams of things To Have, things To Be, and things To Do. Once you define these things, you consider the time frame in which you would like to accomplish them and how much they will cost. Combined with your known monthly expenses (and a buffer for those unknown things that happen) you can calculate how much you need to make a month or a day to live your dreams right now.

Before I really embark on my dreamline, I would like to get some things cleaned up. This first set of personal goals are designed to build a solid base to work from. I plan to refine them this week and to start working on an action plan to accomplish them. They will probably end up falling into one of two categories. The first set of goals will be designed to correct some issues with my personal financial situation. They will include running down debt, increasing savings, and reducing costs. The second set will be things that need to happen to increase/replace income and build new things for the future.

This week’s agenda will include a lot of reading. I will be spending a little bit of time looking into social bookmarking tools to see if I can capture all of the information I am wading through without getting distracted. I will also be spending some time working on a short list of ideas and opportunities I would like to pursue.