Learning to Think

Getting Started

Today is the day for me to gain focus. I have been thinking about doing things for a long time. I have been preparing, researching, tinkering, dabbling, procrastinating, and generally not making progress for far too long. It is time to take some big leaps in a new and more powerful direction.

These are my fighting words:

  • I dislike working for a larger company. I enjoy the benefits and the camaraderie, but I do not enjoy the red tape, being beholden to large profit motives, and the personal disrespect and impersonal relationships outside of your immediate team.
  • I am a starter. I like to build new things. I am good at bringing a concept to fruition. I love the energy, the excitement, the “new smell”, and the innocence of a new application, process, or product.
  • I want to make “f*ck you money” in order to pursue some benevolent ideals and endeavors. I want to see good people do good things and I want to help them do it. It is in my nature to do this and I want to put my fortunes into these things.
  • I have good ideas and I know how to implement them in positive, profitable ways. I’ve been around the business block a few times and I’ve formed a lot of opinions about how things should be done. Now is the time to start doing them.

These are my weapons:

  • I will write every day. I will share this with the world so I feel accountable to more than just myself from day one.
  • I will read. There are many people in the world that are way smarter than I am. Some of them have written some wonderful material that I can learn from. I will talk about what I read and what I learn with others.
  • I will participate. There are many opportunities to collaborate, network, learn, and partner in the world. I will look for conferences, people, and like minded businesses to do things with.
  • I will fail. I will not be afraid to fail. I will fail until I get it right, then I will continue to fail until I make it better.
  • I will be a producer. I have specific things I would like to produce as products and services. This will be my primary focus, supported by all my skills, tools, and experience.